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Thank you so much for your contributions and participation in our inaugural #SSiC2020! We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, contributions, and feedback you’ve already give us. It was a really special experience and we’re also very grateful for your patience as we’ve experimented with this format and grappled with technological limitations.

Read more about our first conference and its format here. The SSiC 2020 content is still live; please contact the team to request access.


Space Science in Context (#SSiC2020) is an experimental virtual conference bringing space and science and technology studies (STS) scholars together for an interactive event! We are funded by the UCL Researcher-Led Initiative Award.

The (free!) conference used a flipped-classroom model for its talks. Our invited speakers recorded their talks ahead of time and these were uploaded to our website. All videos include transcripts and closed captioning. On the day of the conference (14th May), three sessions–Decolonizing Space; Computing, Technology and Space; and Space for Society–were hosted at different times in video-chat hybrid formats. We also hosted posters in the breaks between sessions. Most of the content remains archived on this site.

#SSiC2020 is about space & society—how science can better serve the world, how geopolitics govern science—and also an experiment in conferencing, built virtual from the ground-up pre-pandemic. We are also access-focused and want to push the boundaries of who conferences reach!

We’re interested in how we can have climate-friendly conferences that are more accessible and can connect more people. The pressure on virtual technology from the coronavirus-induced cancellations, as well as the many years of disabled activism around remote access and virtual meetings, and growing concerns around carbon emissions make this an even more pressing issue.

Our transcripts and captioning are provided by Academic Audio Transcription, a company committed to the fair employment of disabled people.

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