About SSiC 2023


Space Science in Context (#SSiC2023) is a free, experimental, virtual conference bringing together people interested in and who study outer space and/or its social contexts for an interactive event! We are funded by the Royal Astronomical Society and EASST.

The (free!) conference will use a flipped-classroom model for its talks. Our invited speakers record their talks ahead of time and these will be uploaded to our website. All videos include transcripts and closed captioning. On the day of the conference (26th January), three sessions—Labour and Space; Space, Technology and Dual-Use; and Environment and Space Science—will be hosted at different times over Zoom. We also will host two poster sessions in the breaks between sessions. The content will remain archived on this site.

Our transcripts and captioning are provided by Academic Audio Transcription, a company committed to the fair employment of disabled people. CART is provided by AI-Media. Our poster guidelines are provided by Zahra Khan. 

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