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Publications & Talks

Persaud, D. M. and Armstrong, E. S., Space Science in Context: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for IDEA Practice and Beyond, Advancing IDEA in Planetary Science, April 25–29, 2022. Abstract #2067 (virtual).

Persaud, D. M., “Organizing Access-Centered and Interdisciplinary Conferences,” Women in Space Seminar Series, 29th Oct., 2020 (virtual).

Armstrong, E. S., Persaud, D.M., Jackson, C. A.-L. Redefining the scientific conference to be more inclusive, 2020, Physics World.

Persaud, D. M. and Armstrong, E. S., Access-centred virtual conferencing for planetary science and beyond: reflections from Space Science in Context 2020, Europlanet Science Congress, 23rd Sept., 2020 (virtual)

Armstrong, E. S., Persaud, D. M., Access-centred virtual conferencing for planetary science and beyond, The Future of Meetings, CSIRO, 15th Sept., 2020 (virtual)



Farrow, C. B., and Wentz, B., COVID-19 and the 2021 ASC International
Conference: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead, EPiC Series in Built Environment, Volume 3, 2022, Pages 813–821.

Pang, H., Wiercigroch, D., Sriharan, A., Re-thinking conferences in medicine: opportunities and challenges of virtual delivery, Canadian Journal of Physician Leaders, 7 (1), 51-56, 2020.

Strauss, B., et al., Nonbinary Systems: looking towards the future of gender equity in planetary science, submitted white paper for the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey 2023-2032, arXiv, 2020.

Diniega, S., et al., Why and how to write a useful “code of conduct” for planetary conferences and mission teams, e-poster, Ab. 2482, 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 2020.

Codes & Guides

Accessibility guidelines and information, The 2021 Virtual NASA Exploration Forum and European Lunar Symposium, 2021.

6S 2020 Workshop Code of Conduct, STS Infrastructures, Society for Social Studies of Science, 2020.



PhDivas podcast (16th July 2020)

The Cosmic Cast podcast (29th April 2020)

iCRAGorama podcast (12th May 2020)

In the News

Conferences for all, ASBMB Today, November 2021

Rethinking travel in a post-pandemic world, Nature 589, 155-157 (2021), doi: 10.1038/d41586-020-03649-8

Getting Value out of Virtual Conferences, inChemistry, August 2020

Conferences, congresses, meetings: the pandemic accelerates the virtual turn, CNRS (French), June 2020.

A year without conferences? How the coronavirus pandemic could change research Nature 579, 327-328 (2020), doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00786-y

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