Poster Guidelines

Poster submission deadline: 13th January 2023

What counts as a poster?

We interpret poster broadly & various formats are permitted including text only, image only, text and images, audio, and video. The goal of this session is “bite sized insights”. 


We will upload all video content to YouTube or similar so that it may be embedded on this website. If you have any concerns about this or want to limit for how long your content is archived with us, please let us know. You retain full rights to your media.

General guidelines for all poster formats

  • All content is required to follow the SSiC 2023 code of conduct
  • The amount of content of the poster should be proportional to what you might expect to find on a standard research conference poster (i.e., please don’t submit a 2000 word essay). A general guideline is for the poster content to be designed to be consumed in less than 5 minutes. 
  • If you are sharing work on sensitive topics, please include content warnings at the beginning of the poster per guidelines for different formats below. Check this guide on the types of content that might need a warning.
  • This conference brings together participants from many different disciplines and backgrounds. Please make sure to explain jargon or concepts that are specific to your field. 
  • Use short URLs if necessary.
  • Submissions in languages other than English are allowed as long as an English translation is provided. 

Guidelines for text &/or image based posters

  • Please put content warnings below the title and author information.
  • Both the text and images are required to be accessible. This section shares guidelines and resources for making different types of accessible poster files.
  • General guidelines for image accessibility are as follows:
  • General guidelines for text accessibility are as follows:
    • Use simple, sans-serif fonts
    • Use big font sizes
    • Avoid all-caps, and use bold for emphasis
  • Detailed guidelines & tools to make accessible posters in various software packages can be found in the following accessibility guides. Please note this is not an exhaustive list. If your using a different software, please look for similar guides that describe how to meet the general guidelines in this section.
  • The document is required to be screen-reader friendly.
    • If you provide a PDF, it should have searchable text (Microsoft Word/Powerpoint will automatically generate a searchable PDF; if you have trouble, Adobe has a function to fix this.)

Guidelines for audio posters

  • Please state content warnings at start of recording
  • All audio poster submissions are required to include a transcript. Transcripts may be submitted in any text based file format. 
  • Audio files should be no longer than 5 minutes
  • The following audio file formats are acceptable:.wav, .mp3
  • Some free resources for generating transcripts are as follows. Please make sure to edit any automatically generated transcripts for accuracy before submission.

Guidelines for video posters

  • Please state content warnings at start of recording 
  • All video poster submissions are required to include captions in English. Some tools to generate automated captions are as follows [These are just suggestions. You’re welcome to choose any tools you find]. Please make sure to edit any automatically generated captions for accuracy before submission.
    • YouTube. Please note YT allows both automated captions generation as well as manually typing them. A faster process is a hybrid: use automated captions generation, then edit for accuracy. 
    • MixCaptions app with free trial
  • Videos submitted in ASL are welcome & appreciated & required include English subtitles. If filmed without sound, a transcript is also needed to ensure accessibility for blind and low vision participants. 
  • Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes
  • If you are using slides or images during the video, please cover all text in the audio as well and describe images to ensure accessibility for blind and low vision participants. 
  • If the video shows the speaker, please describe the speaker at the beginning of the video. Check out this guide for self-description on what to include.
  • Do not use flashing images

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