Poster Programme

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Additional Media

Space in Context: Jarita Holbrook (invited)
Jarita Holbrook (they/them), University of Edinburgh (not present on 14/5)

Poster Session 1

A colonial space: women and rockets in Australia
Alice Gorman (she/her), Flinders University

Contexts for space on Earth
Ellie S. Armstrong (she/her), UCL

Exploring space using Minecraft
Sophie Bentley (she/her), Lancaster University

COGITO in Space
Daniela de Paulis (cosmic flaneur), Daniela de Paulis Studio

ORBYTS – Original Research By Young Twinkle Scientists
William Dunn (he/him), UCL

How can space technologies be used effectively for sustainable development?
Devyani Gajjar (she/her), The Open University

Making space history messy
Osnat Katz (she/they), UCL/Science Museum

Hybrid approaches to mitigating risks of extreme space weather and cyber attacks on critical infrastructure: Towards a holistic Legal and Operational Resilience framework
Nadia Khan (she/her), UCL

Roving With Rosalind – Engaging underserved audiences with ExoMars (invited)
Sara Motaghian (she/her), NHM & Imperial College London
Áine O’Brien (she/her), University of Glasgow

Space cannot be the place – a Black nihilist critique of the 100 Year Starship Project (invited)
Florence Okoye (she/her), Natural History Museum

Decolonising Space: Anti-colonial Approaches to Exploring Space
Cameron Perumal (she/her), University of Cape Town

Community-driven actions for diversity & decolonization
Ramasamy Venugopal (he/him), IAU Office of Astronomy for Development

Poster Session 2

Possible Futures: Photography’s Role in Shifting Notions of Mars
Bethany Berard (she/her), Carleton University

The University Science Classroom as a Collective Counterspace
Nicole Cabrera Salazar (she/her/ella), Movement Consulting

Space for All: A Feminist and Queer look into the Importance of Making Space Accessible for Everyone
Nicole Chase (she/they), SEDS-USA

Untangling feminism, nationalism and space exploration in the age of Artemis
C. Adeene Denton (she/her), Purdue University

‘Interstellar Anthropology’ – Social Implications of astrobiology and the search for life on the Universe
Flora Dutra (she/her), Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Space Science and/as Art and Design: Case Studies in Contemporary Exhibition-Making
Colin Fanning (he/him), Bard Graduate Center, New York

Oceanic Aliens: Exoplanet Personhood
Alice Fox (she/her), Virginia Tech
Anna Carolina Zuiderduin (she/her), University of Twente

Developing an Environmentalism for Outer Space
Alexander Gilbert (he/him) Nuclear Innovation Alliance

Successfully Engaging Scientists on the Topics of Ethics, Inclusion, and Decolonization of Space
JA Grier (pronounced “Jay”; e/em/eir), Planetary Science Institute

“Korean” Astronomy: Postcolonial, Decolonial, or Colonial?
Hea Sue Kim (she/they), University of California, Irvine

Disability and Space Dreams (invited)
Jessica Martucci (she/her), Science History Institute

Using art to examine our relationship to space and space exploration
Jamie Molaro (she/her), Planetary Science Institute

Will Machine Learning Algorithms Take their Bias to Space?
Artash Nath (he/him), HotPopRobot Initiative

Gendered Coworking Networks in MDRS Mars simulations
Inga Popovaite (she/her), University of Iowa

Moonage Daydreams: A Look at the Whys, Whos and Hows of Returning to the Lunar Surface
Parvathy Prem (she/her), JHU Applied Physics Laboratory

The Severe Underrepresentation of People of Color in the US Planetary Science Community
Julie Rathbun (she/her), Planetary Science Institute
Lynnae C. Quick (she/her), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Serina Diniega (she/her) and Christina Richey (they/them), Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Edgard Rivera-Valentín (they/them), Lunar and Planetary Institute

Space science and community-based peace building efforts: what we can learn?
Juan David Reina Rozo (he/him), Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Engaging Multicultural Participants with STEM through Space Science
Bhairavi Shankar (she/her) and Celia Du (she/her), Indus Space

Disabled in/by Space
Ashley Shew (she/her), Virginia Tech

Heroic Expectations: How Prize Competitions Boost Industry Outsiders in Space Exploration
Danny Spitzberg (he/him/comrade)

The Miseducation of Black Junior Astronomers (invited)
Ashley Walker (she/her), Chicago State University

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