The Team

Dr Eleanor S Armstrong (she/her), Stockholm University

Eleanor S Armstrong (Ellie) is a social scientist of outer space. Her research investigates the disjoint between discourse and practices of space science, and socially just methods to address these disconnects. Her doctoral research at UCL (UK) analysed narratives constructed in London science museums. Ellie expanded her work on the colonial geographies of space science in her Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Delaware (USA) and as a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge (UK). Her Postdoctoral Research at the Stockholm University (Sweden) sees her focus on space science research facilities and their representation in the Arctic Circle. Ellie is interested in informal education and leads LGBTQ+ museum tours and runs zine workshops. She was previously co-chair of Science London, an organisation supporting equity, diversity and inclusion in science communication practice. Ellie is a member of the UCL IAS Center for Outer Space Studies and of Transformational HPS.


Twitter: @ellietheelement

Dr. Divya M. Persaud (she/her), Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Divya M. Persaud is a planetary scientist, writer, composer, speaker, and consultant. Divya’s research has spanned mission development and operations; 3D image processing; the surfaces and interiors of Mercury, Mars, and the icy moons of Saturn; and meteorites and the asteroids they come from. Passionate about bridging the spheres and models of science and engagement, she has spoken and worked internationally on topics concerning space science, engagement, activism, the arts, and broadening the accessibility of academic meetings. Divya is a postdoctoral scholar at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a member of the UCL IAS Centre for Outer Space Studies, vice-chair of the board of the JustSpace Alliance, and a member of the UCL/Birkbeck Centre for Planetary Sciences.


Twitter: @Divya_M_P

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